Go Green

What is Go Green?

Becoming Eco friendly by reducing the usage of non-renewable sources


Why do we “Go Green”?

Polar ice cap is melting at alarming rate, the natural resources are decreasing and Earth is getting warmer day by day.


How do WeP Go Green?

1. WeP plants 3-4 tree per month

2. WeP tests air and noise pollution at Factory every 2 years and make sure there is no pollution in environment.

3. All the waste material is disposed off to an authorized Solid waste Management company from Factory every Half yearly.


How you can Go Green?

There are many ways to Go green:

1. Switch off and unplug the electrical appliance when unused.

2. Always practice 3R; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

3. Dump E-waste to an authorized e-waste collecting points or collection centers.


Electronic products run our lives, from Computer to Smart phones, from printers to Laptops, they are everywhere around us. But, what happens when they are not useful to us. They turn into e-waste, the fastest growing waste stream in the world. In fact, in 2016 the world produced e-waste equivalent to the weight of 4,500 Eiffel Towers.


By 2021 the amount of e-waste generated per year is expected to grow by 17%. Unfortunately, only 20% of global e-waste is responsibly recycled currently.


India is currently the 4th largest producer of e-waste after China, US & Japan and responsibly recycles less than 5%.


So what you can do about it?

Start with ensuring that your e-waste reaches the right hand for responsible recycling and inspire others to do the same.


Dear Valued Customer,

Let us protect our environment. Help us in safe disposal of e-waste generated by our products. Dispose all defective, end of life parts & products to our authorized e-waste collecting points or collection centers.

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