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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

WeP Ricoh MFP

  • How Can I Prevent Paper misfeeds?

    Paper misfeeds can be caused by the condition of the paper and how it is loaded. Paper should be stored in a dry, cool place and ensure you 'fan' the paper before loading.
    You can also try printing from another tray. If this is successful, replace all paper in the problem tray with fresh paper from a new ream.
    Be sure to check the correct paper size is set in the problem tray before you print by adjusting the three 'fences' in the paper tray so they are gently touching the sides of the paper.

  • How do I fix the black lines appearing on my copied pages?

    Lift the lid and clean the thin glass strip of your copier with an alcohol wipe, office wipe or dry cloth.
  • What do I do when I see low toner warning light?

    Have a spare toner cartridge ready to go. Don’t replace the cartridge until the toner empty notification appears - this maximizes your toner use.
  • Why my device is taking forever to print?

    Your Windows 10 PC may be running the incorrect Ricoh printer driver. Download the latest printer driver, extract and install. Your system will be up to date and the slow printing issues experienced under Windows 10 should be fixed.
  • How to Register Product warranty?

    Ricoh office products come with a free product warranty that provides free on-site maintenance repair service. In general, we provide 3 months warranty for Ricoh A3 MFP. In case, Machine is installed by channel partner then he has to fill up the warranty request form to register the product for warranty .This form is available in WeP World and Wep My shop portal.

    Pls find the path to avail this form.

    Open the WeP world portal >> Login with User name and password >>> Click on RICOH warranty form

    Once this form is completely filled up and submitted, this form will be available with internal sales team for validation.

    Internal sales team will have three options which are

    Approve # If all the entries are correct then the request will get approved. 
    Reject # if most of the entries are wrong then the request will get rejected.
    Edit # if any minor changes are required then same will be edited before approving.

    Once this request gets approved by internal sales team then same will get registered in oracle.
  • What is the difference between matte paper and glossy?

    Matte paper has a more muted feel to it. Because matte paper changes less under the light, they also have more of a "flat" feel than gloss sheets. Glossy Paper have a shiny look, that reflects light, and you get vibrant rich colours, which makes the colour in your images pop on the sheet.
  • What size is 12X18 paper? Is this supported by Ricoh Colour C2000?

    North American ARCH B Paper Size. The size of this paper in Millimetre is 305 × 457
    Yes, Ricoh IMC2000 supports 12X18 paper size using bypass tray.
  • Is Paper weight (GSM) supported by Ricoh IM C2000/C2500?

    It supports up to 300 Gsm in simplex mode. GSM stands for 'Grams per Square Meter'. The higher the GSM number, the heavier the paper.
  • What is the toner yield of the products launched?

  • What is difference between toner and ink?

    Ink is used in inkjet printers. It's a liquid tinted with pigments or dyes. Toner, on the other hand, is a fine powder that's used in laser printers.