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Why WeP


WeP has employee friendly policies which helps an employee feel at ease & balance their work & life.We at WeP believe in providing equal opportunity for all – irrespective of religion / gender / ethnicity.The Rewards & Recognition program is based on high achievements, consistent performance & innovative ideas.Internal Job Postings is a manner in which we encourage our employees to grow & excel in various fields of their choice.Over all, the policies at WeP are more self driven rather than HR Driven.


The culture at WeP can be defined as disciplined but open culture. We believe in working hard & play hard.We’ll give you a chance to take on new responsibilities, if you prove you can add value and step up to the challenge.We are looking at individuals who are self starters


We at WeP believe that for any organization to be successful & leave a mark, there are certain business ethics that have to be stringently followed. WePians abide by the prinicpals & standards that guide their behaviour & also helps them differentiate the correct & the incorrect methods of behaviour.WePians vouch by integrity, commitment, social responsibility & human values. Thus, we WeP welcomes all those individuals who are high on integrity & live & believe in values.

Training & Development

Training has always been an integral part of WeP since it's inception. WePians have always been encouraged to be part of various training, be it Interpersonal,Techinical or Professional skills. Not just training, but developing of those skills post training is also a practice that has been imbibed in each individual.